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Sanasa Printers and Publishers Ltd. was commenced in 2003, at No 45/90, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo – 05, Sri Lanka, as a brace of Sanasa Thrift & Credit Co-operative Societies Ltd. of in Sri Lanka in order to fulfill the printing needs and requirements of Sanasa Group. The main objectives were to provide trustworthy services at reasonable prices and thereby to save costs on printing needs, and to be another asset of the Sanasa Group itself.

As the Sanasa Group has been operating as a branch of Federation of Thrift Co-operative Societies Ltd. in Sri Lanka, the Sanasa Printers & Publishers was established as a limited liability company on 01st September 2005, as a member of Sanasa Group.


A new society based on co-operative principles & ethics.


To act within the Sanasa Group as a service provider, a vocational trainer, a publisher, & a strong entrepreneur in accordance with the vision of Sanasa.


To provide printing, publishing & distribution services of high quality & standards within the Sanasa Group at reasonable prices, and to generate, enrich, & retain the resources within the Sanasa Group.

Sanasa Printers & Publishers Ltd. has been running on a 45 million Sri Lanka Rupees and, during the first three months, the number of share holders exceeded ten million. Primary societies, secondary societies, Sanasa Development Bank, Sanasa Group of Companies became the main shareholders of SPL. It was a great opportunity for the employees of Sanasa Printers & Publishers Ltd. as they also became shareholders of SPL.

Main shareholders are:

Sanasa Development Bank

Sanasa Group of Companies

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Sanasa Printers & Publishers

No. 45/90, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo - 5, Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94-11-451-7700 Fax: +94-11-451-7700

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